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My Resume



To find a fulfilling career that makes the best use of my skills.


UPDATE 11-26-05

I am now working full time for the Kansas City Zoo. I am an overnight security officer, and enjoying it most of the time.

more to come.

Yesss!!! I am currently managing  a little gunshop in Claycomo MO. I am learning huge amounts of stuff about firearms... I have to admit... I thought that I knew quite a bit...I have only found out how much I didn't know. I enjoy selling people firearms, giving what I call my 101's, and just talking shop with folks that have been in the shooting sports for longer than I have been alive. If your in the neighborhood, you should check out the store. We are at 289 e 69hwy. Claycomo gunshop (aka Centerfire range and gun repair).(08/08/02)
UPDATE... Due to cercumstaces... shop was closed and I'm no longer there.

I have recently started with a security company and have completed several basic corses on security measuers, technices,and meathods. I have attained my commision to carry on post as a class A privet security agent.8/10/01

Large highend retail store Jan. 2000-curr. Shipping clerk for Leawood, Ks. store Duties include sending and recieving merchandice via multiple overland and air-service companies including UPS, FedEx, and the USPS. Organizing and preparing internal, external, and international papers as well as US DOT bills of lading and HAZ-MAT, when needed. Also to load, unload, and distribute incoming and out going freight. I was an acting receiving manager interim, trained current manager and several current assotiates in shipping and receiving.

Highend retail store 1996-1998 Duties as above. Also assisted maintanance manager in plant operations including lighting, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and supply control.

Large sporting goods stores 2000-2001 Duties include applying merchandice to the selling floor, direct to customer sales and services, studying product information, initialize and follow through on FBI/ATF NICS instant criminal background check for hand gun and long arm sales, assist costomers in decision making based on evaluating need, experiance, comfort, interest, and personal taste. providin advice on hunting, fishing, and personal/home defence.

A different highend retail store 1998-2000 Shipping and receiving as per above, with more emphasis on inter-store transfers and distributing. First and third shifts were worked


A Shawnee Mission North High School graduate,class of 1994.
ROTC,technical theater, and Japanese langauge and culture.
Attended Johnson County Community College, completing two and a half years with a focus on technical theater and Japanese language.

Skills and Special interestes

Ultra light bank fishing, upland and small game hunting, tactical and competition sharpshooting. I made Marksman 1st class on my second outing through my ROTC competions in 22lr small bore standerd 50 yd. range (both prone and sitting). I collect and practice(training) with military and civilian arms of the rennaisance and midevil time periods. I currently am Co-Captain of our paintball team T.H.C. (Traditional Hunting Club).