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About The Grizly...

"To know thy self is to scratch thyself..."
I love this tree(he said while itching his back)

My given name is Nathan and I was born(though that come as a shock to some) right here in Kansas City. My physical description is manly and here it goes... I am 32 years old, born in the year of the dragon in the month of fire. Or for those of you who are more familure with the european zodiac, I am a cancer with aries rising and virgo moon. Thats right, I'm hot-muddy-water! I stand about 5'10" and weigh about 345#'s (update- i continue to slowly loose weight... down to 315 last time i weighed in.{ further update... down to 305.}) right now but I am doing something about that! I am tried a modified version of the adkins diet and life style. It seemed to be helping, I think i've lost some, and i do feel better! I have dark auburn\black hair (usually shaved) and tend to wear my beard a little scruffy, but trimmed. no tattoo's (for now... i've a few ideas though), only a few scars.

The Grizzly bear will now tell ya'll a llttle bit about my interests. From a young age I have held a major interest in the hand weapons of the midevil, rennaisance, and dark ages from all over the world. This inclludes Europe, Asia, and the Native America's. This interest has led me to learn all that I can, and to associate myself with like minded individuals. In my short time here in this life, I have been a member of two of the best sword fighting groups ever in the united states( in my opinion). These groups are the Renagades and The Warriors Of Legend Falls (or WOLF). I am still a part of WOLF, however, I no longer do faires. My last character was a bit of a baffoon, Nathanial Malikai McGillavarry accepted into clan Cambel, aka the royal tax collecter of Legend Falls. My characters battle name was 'The Knee Breaker' due to the fact that at the time my favored weapon was my oversized war-hammer.

My current hobbies include role playing games, small game hunting, ultralight fishing,working out, and learning all that I can about military and law enforcement fire arms. I have recently made a small part (or step one of many) of my ultamit dreams come true... I have started to learn about gunsmithing from a real expert. More on that later...

I see my self as a field and stream type of guy...
OK, daddy has a brand new bag....
attention all you 'ballers out there.There is a new a-5 on the block and i got your number!! (update...) (maniacle giggles....)i gots me a matrix... it just an ledbut just ask the germans at dday2004 about the french tank, PIGKILLER, and the amount of kills i got with my new trusty-rusty ball launching freek machine! it is quite, accurate and does over 16bps, and only has semi setting.
For the rest of ya'll, i found a new sport! Paintball. our team is a rookie team and we are centered around scenarios and tourneys. who are we? Team T.raditional H.unting C.lub... Team T.H.C. if interested in a skrimmage, se my contact page and email me.

Spotted Eagle Owl

thats me



Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:
Sniper, Starship troopers, any thing by monty python, and S.W. the phantum menace.

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:
Pretty much any thing but hip-hop and rap...
I have lately come to enjoy Young country, as well as rock, old pop, and almost anything else. For example:
the doors, jimmy buffet, Garth brooks, weird al, lee greenwood, bagpipes, and several others!