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Here I plan to tell you a bit more about my intersts...


For ever it seems, that I have had a fasination with fire..

Like the other alchemical primary elements, it seems to be more than just a source of heat and energy. It seems to be contsious of it's surrondings. Like a preditor, fire is on a constant path of growth. Always looking for the weakest link. Many antiant religions belivied that fire was the closest to man in power and life. For like us it is born, it consumes, it wastes, it destroyes, it cures, it has breath and it dies. It is for this very reason that our ansestors felt that if we could master fire that we inturn could master our selves... it was only after much pain that a wise man will learn that a man can only master himself, and that he must come to live in balance with his surroundings.

Of course that still hasn't seemed to stop a few of us foolish enough to take thise extra steps into the flame. I am a pyro-technition and a fire-eater. I have used flame and smoke to make beauty in the theater and in life.

and with a contract I'll eat fire for money!!!


Space Background 2

One of my oldest interests is belife...

What is it that makes a person feel so whole when they have truely found the faith for them? This has been a long journey for me that has included more pitfalls than I would have ever expected. However, I have been fortunate enough to have a family that has let me make my own mistakes and learn my own way.

In my life I have seen first hand more proof positive to back up my belifes than to ever give fight to them.

My personal belifes are both complex and yet ignoratly simple and can be summed up for the simple in but a few statments...

"everything you do effects all life in existance"
"and it harm none, do what thou will"
"love the earth and all that is upon it, for all is
you're brothers and sisters"
"peace comes to those who deserve it."

Now this only scratches the surface on my terra-faith belifes.