The Bears Den
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Ursus Necesserium

The Bear Necessities!

I have decided to expand an old hobby of mine. I am now doing custom leatherwork. I'll be putting samples up as I get photos and hopefully some feedback too.

I am doing cowboy gear, bondage, midevil, tribal, fantasy, and more, including some beadwork and even custom Gillie suits for us larger guys!!


I will be doing a set much like this for a friend of mine (Dwight).


These suspenders are much like the ones I plan to make for one of our local bbq shop owners (LC's) along with the custom ranger style belt I did for him (photo coming)

This is the custom buckle i did for another friend with a sence of humor


These two above were custom for a buddy of mine with a sence of humor. It was his "Work" belt, so i tooled it onto his buckle too....



These two shots are of the check book I made for my self, all hand carved (by pocket knife no less!!). One side is a buck bedded near some reeds, the other my own font with the illusion of a paw clawing through.


yes, those are two buck sparring with a basket weave top and bottomm



these are of some of the duty gear I made for my self. This includes a 2.25" belt with double toung buckle, the holster that fits full size Glock G22 (with a slight forward cant on the duty belt, or a comfortable forward cant for driving on a normal belt), belt keepers, and other stuff like a pda/cell case and my new cuff case I'm working on (more on that later).

see contact page for info