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Team T.H.C.

Team Traditional Hunting Club

Hey folks... co-captain of the team thats gonna rule the field here....
Thats right! The bigga guy has you in his sights....
Members include:
Me... 'TheGrizzly'I play back and am co-captain of our team,aka-Grizly
Brandon... 'Ratboy' plays fron/mid, and co-captain,
Travis... 'Pops' plays mid.aka-pops (brandons father)
Eric... 'EMO' plays front , and alternate player
Lee...'Storm' We're training him for front/mid, mostly an
            alternate for now...
Nathan... Member en memoriam
Holly... "token girl?"
Justin... 'Panda' possible mid
Eric... 'Rig' back
Tom... 'IronHead' mid/front
We played our first tourney and took second. But that was last year. This year we plan to do better, repetedly!

ALLRIGHT!!! We've now had our team in an international magazine...
Thats Right... Action Pursuit Games, April 2004, page 204 under the heading for Kansas, subsection Rumble on the River. Thats were we took second place our first tourney.
We would like to thank our sponcer - Centerfire Indoor Range ( for further info)
We are also now looking for further sponcerships and support, if interested, contact me at and put something in the subject line refering to sponcership (I still get alot of junk even eith the filter).

team equipment
For tourney/rec- Proto matrix (clamping feeneck, roller trigger, and tuneup.) 4/3 redz pack, 114/3000 hpa, v-force grey profiler, New team jersies for this year.
For rec/scenerio=Tippmann A-5 (egrip, trigger jobs, low pressure kit, app 240rnd hopper, inline tippmann reg, flatline air 68/3000, auto cocker barrel adapter, 32deg wisper barrell, custom internal polish job, double trigger) or Matrix led (custom tuned and new chip, J&J ceramic), 32deg 4+1or RoninGear 8+6 pack with extention for size, v-force profiler and/or morph, red pods, team jersey.
Recently got a gen-e matrix led with gun20 to go with the halo-b. packed with a 114/3000
Gen-E Matrix lcd, halo-b, 72/4500 lp tank, 5+4 empire pack, V-Force shield gogs, team jersey, J&J cereamic or other barrel, fatboy pods.
looking to upgrade to a Dye Matrix dm4
Tippmann 98, with remote and mechanical trigga, fatboy pods, 4+1 tac pack, jt gogs, and 114/3000 tank.
We're still trying to get him talked into a matrix!
'99 led Angel with volumizers, and soon halo-b and mid size tank, going to get tank soon.
Dragun TES, an eggy, and new gear on its way...
still getting gear... so upgrades are coming!

We practice at a local field (name and info coming soon once we have permission, scince they don't sponcer us but we're trying.)
here are some hints, its in kc, clay county, and, um..ok i'll
we are there usually every other sunday. come on down, see if you can hit the fat
With much kindness, one of our players has allowed us to build a little 3on3 field at his farm. mostly made with old pallets and some tarps, it actually plays fast and agressivly. great for practicing drills. we even have a snake and a X to goof around with. now if only we could keep it mowed!!!