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The Bears Den
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Never Gouda 'Nuff

This is where I'll be posting my comic strip..."Never Gouda 'Nuff."

The idea was simple. I was frustrated and needed a vent for my frustrations. Some of you may find it slightly offencive, the rest of you normal people might really get a kick out of it.

The strip stars afew animals with genuine attitudes and quirks that come right from me.
Len Berger- the star, a rat, a redneck, some would say me.
Red Lester, and the others will be expanded on later.
ok... looks like i lost the disc's that i had it all saved on, so i may not be posting it up here... but i am still thinking of doing a web comic. I really like the one from alaska, TheWhiteboard, but i'll base mine here in KC if i do.