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The Bears Den


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As a member of The Warriors Of Legend Falls, I felt that I should put at least a little bit of info up about it. If at the end of this page you have further questions or would be interested in hiring or joining our group, then please email me and I will pass you info on to the right people.

WOLF is a coriagraphed freestyle live steel combat show based group. What that means in plain English is that the group was originally put together as a band of like minded indiviuals who all enjoy putting on costumes and fighting before a live audience at venues like Rennaisance Festivals and Midevil Fairs. We standerdly contract to do two to four shows of about 20 minutes each. In these shows we come out to the field of honor and go through a basicaly ritualized freestyle combat of hand to hand as it would have been done a few hundred years ago throughout most of Europe. Our group is set up in the style of a warlords campain. The founder, Dave Barkhurst, along with his wife, Alisha Barkhurst, are titled as The Baron and Baroness of Legend Falls.

Legend Falls is a fantasy, based as if it were an island off the coast europe( no where in particular). This island has no native population. Instead, all of it's inhabitants are there by one accident or another. For example, some were washed overboard a ship and surfaced there, some set out for adventure and found the island by coincidence. Each character has their own stories, and due to space I'll not be able to go into all of them.

A black dog; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Our current list of main characters are;

The lord baron, aka the wolf played by Dave Barkhurst

the lady baroness, aka lady Sky played by Alicia Barkhurst

Alaise the hunter, played by Thomas Stucky

Aaragon the arigant, played by Kyle Wolfram

and myself, a fire eating- knee breaking- ax swinging freak of nature... The Tax Collecter!